HP is a family-owned and managed commercial real estate firm with a unique specialization in dental and medical brokerage and business asset transitions. For comparison, think of our firm as having a Bachelor’s degree in Relationships, with a minor in dental and commercial brokerage.

We have a full team of experts on our side! We’re very appreciative of our team because without their support — we are not successful.
Our team consists of contractors, architects, lenders, inspectors, financial advisors, CPAs, designers, handymen, dental suppliers, service techs, attorneys, marketing and advertising, our client’s reviews, and even our competition. Competitors keep us on our toes, and being aware breeds success!

How We’re Different

We’re not a large conglomerate. We’re not multi-national or nationwide. We’re a boutique firm, which allows us to offer our focused attention and years of knowledge and experience to our clients. We’re not interested in the corporate structure or pleasing shareholders. We don’t want to have hundreds of brokers and multiple locations. We’re smaller and more focused than the larger firms, and that’s the way we want it. We believe that when our focus is on our client — and not on our bottom line — we are happier, which equates to a better client experience!

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